We take pleasure in arranging tours to the nearby attractions, thus ensuring you get the best during the stay.
Arrangements can be made for:

  1. Surf tours
    1. Local three-wheelers can be arranged to take you to Okanda Point, Peanut Farm and Pottuvil Point, which are ideal for surfing
  2. Diving trips
  3. Safari adventures
    1. Jeep Safaris to Yala East National Park
  4. Eco tours
  5. Nature tours
  6. Round the country trips

Van bookings can also be made before or upon your arrival at Arugam Bay
Please contact the reception for more information on the above tours and confirmation


Local fishermen will take visitors on canoes through the mangroves, helping them get a glimpse of the rich eco systems in the area. The tour has been initiated as a measure to conserve the wildlife found in the Pottuvil Lagoon. Crocodiles, monkeys, freshwater snakes and a multitude of fish are just some of the inhabitants that can be found here.



Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s second largest national park is around 40 minutes away from Arugam Bay. Leopards, elephants, sloth bear, spotted deer and a large variety of birds, some of which are endemic to Sri Lanka, are found at the Park. Arugam Bay Surf Resort conducts Yala Safari Tours, inviting you to explore the abundant wildlife. More details on the Yala Safari Tour can be found here. .